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WDKX.com » Blog » Ranked 429th - Rochester City School District Takes Last Place In New York State
Oct 21st 2013 8:00 am
Ranked 429th - Rochester City School District Takes Last Place In New York State

Let's talk sports for a minute. If you had a football team that ranked last for the past 4 years what would you do? You would start replacing coaches and staff that are not developing into a winning team right?!

Better yet, if you owned a company and your employee's including managers, administrators, supervisors, etc. were not producing the results you expect in a successful business would you make changes and hold people accountable?

Common sense in business and life would tell you yes, your business is failing change is necessary!

You would start by taking action like evaluating your team and assessing the needs of your company so you can begin to take the steps necessary to move forward toward success.

You may increase staffing, cut unnecessary cost, merge positions, retrain employee's, and replace individuals whose performance is unequivocally poor.

Well, NOT the Rochester City School District. I am beginning to believe the RCSD is about one thing and it isn't the kids.

How in the hell is our beloved community's city school district ranked last.... dead LAST!!

Out of 429 school districts in New York State RCSD ranks in the very last number 429. What school is ranked number 1? That would be Pittsford, then we have #3 Honeoye Falls-Lima, and #4 Brighton.

Can someone PLEASE tell me why RCSD is ranked last and we receive the largest amount of state funding out of any other districts in N.Y. State?? Wait a minute, I believe I answered my own question - cha-ching $$$ Money.

Okay.... Now on to the APPR. Why are teachers in the RCSD being compared to teachers in a similar school district whose performance is pretty much the same based on demographics? Shouldn't the teachers performance be compared to let's see - #1 Pittsford or #4 Brighton?? (I will have to ask Van White this Friday on the WDKX Watercooler)

I am STILL trying wrap my mind around the way the APPR assesses teacher performance.

So let me get this right. To be considered fair on the teachers behalf, the evaluations are compared to school districts parallel to RCSD. Comparing bad with bad - yeah I don't understand that at all.

This does NOT seem right to me! Especially when it is the children who ultimately suffer REALLY think about what that says. We to do not expect you to succeed or achieve academic success like children from Brighton or Pittsford.

A harsh reality the students in our community face in the city school district everyday and for the last four years this data was collected. The last time I checked ALL children in this country have a right to equal education. It should not matter if you live in an area that has a high level of poverty (urban) or an area with a higher rate of income (suburban).

This is a hard pill for me to swallow because there are issues in every community that can effect children although, there may be some difference no ones current circumstance should dictate the quality of education they receive.

So who is to blame?? I can't tell you exactly BUT, I do know this is something the RCSD can't point their finger at parents for because this is systemic. I don't even believe you can wholeheartedly blame the teachers especially the one's who care and put 150% into reaching our kids. Once you reach them, then you can begin teaching. Other districts have obviously figured out what works for the kids in communities surrounding Rochester so it's not impossible.

I think the RCSD, the school district board members, and the New York State Department Of Education need to take a long look at this from within. We should not rank last out of 429 public school systems in New York State while having the largest budget for education.

The 429 public schools were rated by Business First from four years of test data obtained by the New York State Education Department.

For the 2013 Upstate New York school district rating follow the link below: