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WDKX.com » Blog » Oxygen's New Show Preachers Of L.A.
Oct 14th 2013 7:46 am
Oxygen's New Show Preachers Of L.A.

Discussing religion is not something I like to do BUT, I made myself watch about 5 minutes of the new reality show on Oxygen called. Preachers Of L.A. This was something I did not want to prejudge before I had the chance to check out the show.

Deep down. I knew in all probability my opinion of this show would not be a good one so let me reiterate again that this is my opinion (yes that was my disclaimer).

EVERYTHING about this show and it's cast of stars - oops my fault "preachers" is ALL wrong. I strongly feel that the Christians, churches, preachers, or whoever gave the okay to let this reality show air is in no way shedding a "good" or "positive" light on these so called reality television stars a.k.a. "preachers".

Seriously! The lines have been crossed and "reality" television has gone a bit too far. We already struggle in our black community with all the stereotypes we face each and everyday in our REAL life. We do NOT need to perpetuate stereotypes that uphold our foundation, our roots, our religion.

Again, there is no "for the greater good" reason these "preachers" are doing this - Oh wait yes there is for the love of MONEY!

A Range Rover, Bentley, and a Mercedes parked outside of your mansion while there are families in your congregation who struggle to put food on the table?? AND you want those same folks to pay for the gospel?? I am appalled and honey the last time I checked GREED is STILL a sin!!