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WDKX.com » Blog » New York State Exposed: High Taxes, Less Business
Oct 7th 2013 8:03 am
New York State Exposed: High Taxes, Less Business
by news

Do you think your kids will be able to find a job when they get out of college? Will they stay in New York or head off to a state where the business climate is thriving?

We have been looking at all the hurdles hurting small businesses that are providing local jobs and we heard the same message from many business owners. Pretty much every business owner we spoke with for this report had nothing good to say about the tax situation in our state.

People like Bob Hewitt and Greg Young from Hewitt Young Electric on Rochester's west side feel they are getting taxed to death. Even though their sales are up 67-percent this year, the drain from taxes and regulations, hits them square in the bottom line.

On average, they have about 50 people on the payroll and they just found out the state is raising their workman´┐Żs compensation rate by 23-percent on November 1.

We asked if it's worth running a business in New York. Bob Hewitt said, "We're local, we're born and bred here in New York State so I don't foresee us moving our business to North Carolina or Jacksonville, or some place. I feel we need to stay in New York."

Not everyone is willing to just pick up their business and move to another state but Bob and Greg would like to see some tax relief.

For this report, we analyzed the Tax Foundation's report for 2013 that compares state by state all the taxes that impact businesses and we're going to show you how New York ranks.