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WDKX.com » Blog » RCSD Code of Conduct
Oct 2nd 2013 11:02 pm
RCSD Code of Conduct
by News

Code of Conduct Summary
Student Discipline Procedures
Updated: September 2013

The Rochester City School District strives to provide a safe and productive learning environment that helps students to become successful, responsible citizens. Our goal is for every student to participate fully in his or her education, without disruption.

The Code of Conduct is written to promote a positive learning environment for all students. It sets expectations for responsible behavior by all partners in the school community: students, teachers, administrators and other staff, parents, and visitors.

Students are expected to attend school every day, work to the best of their ability, and behave properly--which means following school rules, showing respect for others, contributing to a safe school environment, and accepting responsibility for your actions. Consequences for violating the Code can include warnings, loss of privileges, suspensions, or removal from the regular school program.

There are five specific actions that students can expect will result in immediate placement in "PM school," receiving instruction after school hours or at home.
- Participation in any group that engages in violence. This applies not only to joining an organized group or taking part in a fight. It includes any effort that promotes or encourages violence, such as videotaping or cheering on a fight.
- Bullying other students, as defined by the Dignity for All Students Act
- Carrying weapons
- Assaulting any person in the school community
- Trespassing on school property, which means being in the building or on the grounds of a school that is not the location of a student's assigned program

Anyone who witnesses these or other violations of the Code of Conduct should contact the school's Dignity Act coordinator, another adult at school or the District Safety and Security office: 262-8600.

Students found engaging in any of the above activities will be immediately referred to a Principal and School Chief for a long-term suspension hearing. Until that hearing, the student will be reassigned to after-hours or home instruction. Parents will be required to participate in a mandatory orientation with their children as part of this reassignment.

A student's actions outside of school can also result in suspension or other discipline, if the actions infringe on the rights of other students or are likely to cause disruption at school.

Visit www.rcsdk12.org for details on the Code of Conduct, a list of Dignity Act coordinators and other information about Rochester schools.

Source: RCSD