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WDKX.com » Blog » New Information Revealed In Navy Yard Investigation
Sep 18th 2013 6:18 am
New Information Revealed In Navy Yard Investigation
by news

Police and FBI officials say they believe 34-year-old Aaron Alexis was the sole gunman in Monday's shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. The gunfire killed twelve people. Alexis died in a shootout with police. Washington, D.C. bureau reporter Geoff Bennett has an update on the investigation.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A fuller picture is emerging of Aaron Alexis, the gunman who killed 12 people in a shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday.

Alexis had a checkered history of gun related incidents, including a 2004 arrest in Seattle for shooting out the tires of a construction worker's car. Alexis later described it as an anger-fueled 'blackout.' Four years later, Alexis spent two nights in a Georgia jail for disorderly conduct at a nightclub.

Alexis was in the Navy's Ready Reserve until January of 2011. A U.S. defense official says he was honorably discharged after a pattern of misconduct.

There's still a police presence outside the Washington Navy Yard, though the FBI has taken the lead in the investigation. They're trying to gather as much evidence as possible and trying to figure out what prompted Monday's shooting rampage.

"We continue to conduct interviews, exploit digital media and run down every lead we can to piece together his recent movements and determine the motive behind his attack," said Valerie Parlave, Washington, D.C. FBI Field Office.

Alexis's father told authorities that his son suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and police in Rhode Island say Alexis called them to report hearing voices just weeks before the shooting.

The Capitol area was still reeling from the shooting on Tuesday. Flags at the White House and across the country flew at half staff.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel laid a wreath at the U.S. Navy Memorial plaza to honor the victims. On the floor of the Senate, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois reflected on the tragedy.

"Questions are raised. How can a man with that kind of a background end up getting the necessary security clearance for a military contractor to go into this Navy Yard? To be permitted to go into this Navy Yard? How did he get these weapons into this Navy Yard?" Durbin asked.

Questions that remain to be answered.