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WDKX.com » Blog » Local High Schools To Offer Online Courses
Sep 12th 2013 6:05 am
Local High Schools To Offer Online Courses
by news

You may have heard of online college courses, but what if your high schooler could learn about Shakespeare or Sociology while on a computer at home?

One local school district is offering online courses and has invited other districts to to do the same.

One teacher says it's a win-win. But what do families and students think?

By this time next year 13 school districts and maybe more will offer online high school classes, specifically elective classes.

Wednesday night News10NBC learned it could allow students to take more of the classes they want, free up more of their school day and allow school districts to offer more classes.

"I just had to type my essays and type my questions and we all talked like all the students. We had this chat room and we all talk to each other on it. So it's almost like being in a classroom," said Madison Fien.

Penfield High School junior Madison Fien is describing a health class she took online over the summer. She got an A and loved the flexibility it gave her to enjoy summer while learning at the same time.

"It's very cool to be able to chat with your teacher when she's at home and your at home," said Fien.

Penfield and a dozen other school districts want to make online learning a part of high school and it's in the works. By next year, these 13 school districts hope to offer at least two courses each to high school students. Each district would offer two classes. Jim Doser heads the music department at Penfield and came up with the idea. He says it will save money and time, but most importantly something else.

"Students need more flexibility in their day and in their schedule. They are so swamped. They're taking so much. They want to cram more in and often in the day there is not room to put that great elective they like to take,�" said Doser.

That's exactly what happened to Margaret Delaney's son who is a senior this year at Webster Schroeder.

"He actually had a conflict with one of his classes where he wanted to take and it was at the same time as another class, so he wasn't able to take it. So maybe that would have worked, something online," said Delaney.

She likes the online idea. So does Alexis Guage, also a junior.

"Certain colleges need different, expect different things. So for a lot of kids it gives them a different opportunity to fit other things in incase your schedule's too packed. You can find other times to do it," said Guage.

Representatives from the 13 school districts will meet at Penfield High School October 16 for a half day workshop to iron out all the details of the online curriculum. The plan is to roll it out next September.

The state is encouraging districts to come up with ways to blend online learning with traditional schooling.