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WDKX.com » Blog » Teachers And Parents Upset Over RCSD Schedule Changes
Aug 14th 2013 6:05 am
Teachers And Parents Upset Over RCSD Schedule Changes

Some Rochester City School teachers are up in arms. The open of school is about three weeks away and many say they are just learning about schedule changes to accommodate a longer school day.

Hundreds of teachers received an e-mail Monday from Superintendent Bolgen Vargas letting them know the District's expanded learning time will begin in 20 schools this September.

This means some teachers will have to report earlier than usual and some will have a later day. Some teachers say this last minute notice is a causing a major problem for teachers personally.

Why is was it such a late notice? On Monday News10NBC brought that question to the District.

These changes aren't that unexpected. The District has been talking about an expanded day schedule for some time now. Some schools will now dismiss students as late as 5 p.m. It means more instructional time for students, but some teachers say this notice won't give them time to make adjustments in their personal lives and they say it's unfair.

"Originally our start time had teachers arrive at school at 7:30. Now, we're being asked to arrived a good hour later," said Maureen Doohan, RCSD teacher.

Maureen Doohan is among the teachers at School No. 3 whose schedules will change come September. Doohan says it's a problem.

"For me personally, it affects me because I don't have after school care for my daughter now. Originally, our dismissal time allowed me to pick her up from school and now, I've called at least four places today and I'm unable to get after school care for her. So I'm in a huge bind," said Doohan.

Doohan says she's received numerous text messages and calls from other teachers concerned about the schedule change.

News10NBC went to the School District to find out why teachers are just now learning about the changes, and was told no one was available for an on camera interview.

Superintendent Vargas did release a statement addressing early dismissal on Wednesdays, saying that practice would end.

Vargas also said, "I believe the need to increase instructional time for our students is too critical to wait any longer."

�This is as much news to us as it is to teachers unfortunately,� said Adam Urbanski, Rochester Teachers Association President.

Urbanski says schedule changes were expected at some point, but not like this. He's meeting with Vargas Tuesday morning.

�We are confident that we can resolve this and the Superintendent assured me that there will be attention and respect to the individual needs of families. No teacher will be compelled to work any different schedule than normally,� said Urbanski.

In his three page e-mail, Superintendent Vargas says he thinks the new schedules will be popular with families and good for students educationally.

News10NBC spoke with one parent who says the new schedule creates a child care dilemma for her. She says she will now have to spend money for after school care for two of her children, because the oldest child won't get out of school until 5 p.m.

Urbanski says he's confident something could be worked out. He says he thinks the District will ask for volunteers first, then possibly stagger some schedules. Again, Urbanski says the Superintendent told him the District would give consideration to family issues created by this schedule change.