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WDKX.com » Blog » 'Red Shirts' Crew Committed to Keeping Downtown Safe
Jul 8th 2013 6:36 am
'Red Shirts' Crew Committed to Keeping Downtown Safe

A safety and security team is making a commitment to keep downtown safe.
They are called the 'Red Shirts.'

"We are kind of like downtown ambassadors for the residents, for the business owners and for the visitors," said Fred Van Orden, team member.

You may have noticed them cruising the streets of downtown by bike or on foot.

They patrol 12 sections.

"On top of that we've also broken it down into quadrants, a,b,c, and d," said Christopher Vigliotti, Downtown Safety Supervisor.

And their beat usually starts at their St. Paul and Main Streets headquarters.

"We're just an added level, added margin of safety," said Vigliotti.

The Red Shirts Crew is made up of a 20 security team members, all with a unique background.

"We have all worked in one form or fashion in law enforcement. So we know what to look for we know when we see something whether or not it's horse play or a real problem," said Vigliotti.

Since 2007, they've grown into providing unique services to downtown businesses.

"A job like this for a retired officer is great because now we're doing something we probably got into law enforcement for is to help people," said Van Orden.

Fred Van Orden has been helping people as Red Shirt less than a year.

"Now there's a lot more time to be able to interact with the public by doing the red shirts job," said Van Orden.

The private, not for profit group is hired by the Downtown Development Corporation.

"We're not the Rochester Police Department and a lot of people will say here's come the police and we're not we are here to help the police. We are here to help the citizens," said Joe Gaudio, team member.

One of the personal services the red shirts provide is walking you to your car free of charge from anywhere downtown anytime they are working all you have to do is call (585) 732-8808 from 3:00-9:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

"And we'll come and meet them and and we'll escort them to wherever their destination is in the inner loop area. We're happy to do it," said Van Orden.

While they are a paid presence, some of the say they do this to make a difference.

"Riding a bike around in a beautiful day, you can't argue with that and that's exercise we all need too," said Gaudio.