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WDKX.com » Blog » Fairport Family Witnessed Plane Crash Aftermath Firsthand
Jul 7th 2013 7:55 pm
Fairport Family Witnessed Plane Crash Aftermath Firsthand
by News

A Fairport family was just minutes away from taking off from San Francisco International Airport when Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed Saturday.

Eileen Merberg, her husband and two teenage children were returning from a week long trip to California. As they were getting settled in and the plane about to leave the gate, the pilot told passengers to look out the right side windows.
That's when the Merberg's could see black plumes of smoke from the wreck.

When the family got off the plane, Merberg said the mood in the terminal was one of concern for their fellow travelers onboard Flight 214.

"As anyone I think can relate to you're on an airplane about to take off across the country and then you see the results moments after a plane crash landed. It was pretty scary," said Merberg. "It didn't make me personally fearful that anything was going to happen to me right then and there, but the whole idea of air travel and seeing it right out your window is pretty scary."

Everyone on Merberg's flight was asked to get off the plane; hundreds of passengers waited on line to schedule flights. The Merberg's flight was canceled until Sunday evening. Leaving from Oakland, it will take three flights to get the Merberg's back to Rochester.

"In the scheme of things, it's nothing compared to what happened to the people on the plane. I feel very sorry for what happened," said Merberg.

Merberg says emergency crews were on scene quickly and the mood inside the terminal was one of concern for their fellow travelers. The family plans to arrive on a connecting flight from JFK by late Sunday or early Monday depending on how the connections go.

The Merberg's were stranded before getting a flight home Sunday. The family hopes to be back to Rochester by late Sunday or early Monday.

Source: YNN.com