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WDKX.com » Blog » Red Light Cameras May Be Coming On School Bus STOP Signs
May 8th 2013 6:10 am
Red Light Cameras May Be Coming On School Bus STOP Signs
by News

A state senator from Olean is proposing new legislation requiring cameras be mounted on those stop signs you see on school buses. Senator Cathy Young's bill is a welcome piece of legislation to many of those who keep kids safe.

There are rules to live by. In some cases, there are cameras to enforce them. And in some instances, both are ignored.
"Some people don't care,"said Herman Dunham. "Some of them stop, some don't."

In his job as a school crossing guard, Herman Dunham sees it all.

"It's dangerous. You got a lot of nuts out here. Drinking, drugs. They don't care."

That includes school buses, stopped, with red lights flashing and stop sign clearly extended.

"I'm out there, hold the sign up, and sometimes the cars don't even stop," said Dunham. "Yeah, sometimes cars pass the buses."

Kathy: "We have a lot of problems with them passing the reds," said Kathy Callon, director of transportation in the East Irondequoit School District.

Bus drivers see it too.

"It's very concerning."

In East Irondequoit, bus drivers report five to ten violators a week.

"It's always a concern that will your child come home safe. When you send them to school you expect them to come home safe," Callon said.

Keeping them safe is the idea behind new state legislation which would require cameras be installed on the stop arm of all school buses in New York; cameras which could record violators.

"If they do implement it and they follow through with it, hopefully the number of vehicles passed will go down," said Callon.

If the proposed legislation were to pass, then passing a school bus would be costly. Fines starting anywhere from $250 to $400.

"That's a good idea, put the cameras up there," said Dunham.

Those who keep kids safe for a living know even tougher laws and cameras on buses won't stop everyone.

"It's bad for the kids, y'know?"

But it's a start to putting a stop to a dangerous move.

"I hope it does, but it will slow it down."