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WDKX.com » Blog » New At 2 Showcase with Marsha Ambrosius
Apr 22nd 2013 8:46 am
New At 2 Showcase with Marsha Ambrosius

Let me start by saying The New At 2 Showcase was a unique and amazing experience. I would like to give a special thank you to Andre Marcel for providing us with this great event. And thank you to everyone who helped put this one of a kind showcase together!

The poets put on a hell of a show! B So Sweet, Poetry In Love, and The Gift all lived up to their names. Carlton Wilcox Live, Nate & Renee Anderson, Ebony Brooks, and Danielle Ponder had me jamming! I absolutely loved all of their performances.

Last but not least Marsha Ambrosius. I had the the opportunity to hang out with her for a bit before interviewing her at WDKX. She is a beautiful soul who loves what she does she is truly one of kind. Her breath-taking performance left me in awe. No words can describe the voice Marsha Ambrosius has, that woman knows she can sing!

Overall I had a wonderful time. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves just as much I did especially, meeting people I don't get to see but talk to everyday for that alone I am grateful.

Also, I genuinely appreciate everyone who came out for the experience of being up close & personal with the artists at the New At 2 Showcase.

Now let's talk about the elephant in the room. The folks who came out to be up close and personal with their friends instead of the artist. Me having to tell you to be quite and be respectful while the poets were performing, and then again while Marsha Ambrosius was answering questions was not okay at all. As a matter of fact it was downright disrespectful, and rude. I was not only offended but disappointed and so were many other people who were in attendance thus the shhhhhhh throughout the room.

We worked really hard to provide you with something different, positive, and meaningful while giving back to our listeners for our 39th anniversary at WDKX. The few folks who sought it necessary to talk and be loud with their friends during performances shame on you. We were lucky to have an artist (Marsha Ambrosius) who is so great she kept going and didn't walk off stage because of the few ignorant individuals which says a lot about her.

With that said RESPECT is key and it goes a long way, you have to give respect to get respect. We will not tolerate anything less at our future New At 2 Showcases (if we decide to continue) or any other events similar to it. Raise the bar people, seriously expect better and you will get better, it is that simple!