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WDKX.com » Blog » Keyshia Cole Gets Slammed by Her Own Fans
Apr 16th 2013 6:55 am
Keyshia Cole Gets Slammed by Her Own Fans

Keyshia Cole continues to say exactly what's on her mind and is continuing to rub people the wrong way as the singer got under many people's skin when she went on for a week on Twitter about Michelle Williams' halftime performance with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland during the Super Bowl and the "beef" that Keyshia claims her and Michelle with each other.

And the backlash that she got over her comments didn't keep Keyshia from putting her opinions right on out there as she had plenty to say about Beyonce's controversial 'Bow Down' track, her Beyonce diss leading some artists to pass on working with her over it. Through it all, Keyshia Cole has stuck by her comments and has no plans of backtracking on what she said from what we can tell. But now it looks like she may have pissed off the one group of people that she would want to keep happy, her own fans.

Keyshia was set to perform at Soundboard at MotorCity Casino in Detroit, Michigan and was scheduled to do a meet and greet at one the new urban fashion retailer Villa with HOT 107.5 radio station. The meet and greet was supposed to start at 2:00pm and Keyshia showed up 2 and a half hours late. For the fans who arrived early at 12:00 noon, they stood in line in rainy, cold weather for over four hours for the chance to meet Keyshia. One of the angry fans dialed in to the radio station and ripped Keyshia for showing up so late:

The fan says:

"I mean I can't believe Keyshia Cole had me waiting out here for three hours. She showed up 2 and a half hours late just to see her and I couldn't even get a picture. What the f*ck is that?"

To make her already pissed off fans even more pissed off, during her performance, Keyshia told them that if they couldn't show her more love than what they were showing her, they could hit the exit door:

"At this point in my career if you not rockin' with me you can get out."

Another one of Keyshia's fans clapped back at her message to the crowd from their Twitter account (tweet obtained by Hot 107.5):

"This b*tch MAAAAAAD, the crowd wasn't rockin hard w/ her she said "At ths point in my career if u not rockin w/ me u can get out" lmaooooo u not Jay-Z or Beyonce ppl ain't rockin w/ EVERY song. ..Aye my tickets were free soooo umnmm I can say this "Keyshia a rat w/ money" lol her stage presence says "cheese please" lmaooo"

Sources also revealed to the station that Keyshia Cole was waiting on staff members to bring her a special type of water before she would even step foot into the store.

Source: urbanbellemag.com