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WDKX.com » Blog » March Madness: Why Your NCAA Bracket Shouldn't Take More Than 10 Minutes To Fill Out
Mar 19th 2013 7:08 am
March Madness: Why Your NCAA Bracket Shouldn't Take More Than 10 Minutes To Fill Out

March Madness is here, and right now millions of people across this country will be using their office Xerox machines to print out NCAA Tournament Brackets to win the office pool, sports website, bar or radio/tv station contest, that could pay out anywhere from new Flat Screen TV to Pizza for a Year or the good old fashion, C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) Wait, did I just date myself? Oh well!

Every year people spend hours watching college basketball. They get paid to do it, and fill up time slots on radio, tv and podcasts to give you their opinion on what team or teams will play the role of Cinderella and make it to the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight or the Final Four, and even they get wrong too. Not to mention, with your hectic schedule of work, wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend, kids and best friend relationship drama, how much of a chance do you stand? But we watch and listen because we love sports, and deep down we just can't stand it when the person that wins, can't tell you if Bobby Knight is still coaching at Indiana.

Now hear me out, I can't stop you from doing a bracket, nor do I want to stop you. It's fun, but take it easy. This March has been more Madding (if that's a word) than ever before. Every week for the last 2 months the 1# College Men's Basketball Team has been beaten the very next week, knocking them out of the top spot. What this tells me, is that any team can beat another team during any game. Reality TV at it's best. Filling out the brackets shouldn't take you all day. It's not like doing your taxes or shopping for drapes. 1. Pick 4 upsets in the in the 1st round and 4 in the second round. 2. Go with your gut 1st and the hot team or teams heading into the tournament. 3. When you get to the Finals Four pick one underdog and boom you're done, 10 minutes tops. Enjoy the pure madness!