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WDKX.com » Blog » Feel Good Friday: Drink Smart
Feb 15th 2013 9:48 am
Feel Good Friday: Drink Smart

Feel Good Friday

While you're out this weekend at the 70's Soul Jam Valentine's Concert getting down on your good foot don't worry about those extra calories in that drink you are gonna need after. When you get to the bar order regular soda in your mixed drink go ahead indulge a little it is actually better for you.

A new study finds that drinking diet soda albeit good for waist line may leave you more impaired.

People who mix diet or sugar free instead of regular soda with their alcohol get more intoxicated according to a new study.

The research recruited 16 college students and had them drink vodka with regular soda at the strength equivalent to 4 mixed drinks. They passed the breathalyzer test.

On another day the students drank the same amount of vodka with diet soda. The failed the breathalyzer test. It was like they had drank and extra shot of alcohol.

Why does diet soda get drunk faster? There is no sugar in the diet drinks, so the alcohol is processed quicker sending it into the bloodstream faster. So if you decide to have a drink while shaking your tail feather this weekend choose regular soda, eat before or while you drink, drink responsibly, and designate a driver.

You can watch more about this study on cnn.com