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WDKX.com » Blog » African-American Athletes Dominance In Sports
Feb 1st 2013 12:56 pm
African-American Athletes Dominance In Sports

As we welcome Black History Month to 2013, we also welcome it to the sports world. A sports world in which black athletes have dominated the NBA and the NFL and at the same time has made a huge impact in Golf & in the MLB. African-American athletes seem to excel in whatever sport they decide to put their efforts in. For example, if you take a look at the MLB, not too many African-American players are known to play the game of baseball. Somehow, the greatest record of all-time in baseball belongs to an African-American athlete. Barry Bonds hit the most homeruns in MLB history. Although he is connected to the rumors of steroids, you can't takeaway the fact that he is the homerun king. For those people that exclude him out because of the link to steroids, their homerun king is still African-American. Hank Aaron held the homerun record for thirty-one seasons until Barry Bonds broke it in 2007. Another African-American baseball hall of famer, Ricky Henderson owns the record for most career steals, runs scored, unintentional walks and leadoff home runs. Baseball has produced few black players, who have made a huge impact.

If you take a look at the NFL & the NBA, it is widely known that African-Americans dominate these sports. When taking a look at the NBA, the most known player of all-time is Michael Jordan; an African-American athlete who won six NBA championships, five MVP titles and is known as the greatest basketball player of all-time. The all-time record holders for most points, most rebounds, most three pointers, most blocks & most championships all belong to an African-American athlete. When speaking about the greatest player in the game right now, you think of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony & Dwyane Wade; all black athletes. When you think about the NFL, you think of dominant African-American wide receivers, middle linebackers & running backs. African-American athletes in the NFL hold the records for most rushing yards, receiving yards and scoring touchdowns. As the SuperBowl approaches, the greatest linebacker of all-time, Ray Lewis will be playing his final game.

Sports such as hockey, lacrosse & soccer have their fair share of African-American athletes but not at the same level as baseball, football and basketball. Golf is a rare sport that the greatest golfer of all-time is half black. Tiger Woods is the highest talked about and well-publicized golfer of all-time and holds most of the records you can think of in golf. The highest amount of wins a golfer has at different courses is eight. Tiger Woods has eight wins at one course by itself. A record that is unbelievable and will probably never be broken.

Viewing other non mainstream sports such as Boxing and Ultimate Fighting, the African-American athletes have made their impact there as well. The greatest boxers of all-time are well known African-American athletes. When mentioning the greatest boxers of all-time, you think of Muhammad Ali & Sugar Ray Leonard. If talking about the best boxer right now, you can easily say undefeated Super-Welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather. The number one ranked pound for pound ultimate fighter is Jon Jones. An African-American athlete is from Rochester, New York by the way.

When taking this all in, there is no taking away the accomplishments of players from other races such as white athletes, Hispanics and so on. There is just something special when thinking about African-American athletes just because of the history behind them. From not being able to play in the Major Leagues for baseball and having to play in the Negro League, all the way to having the top two homerun hitters of all-time. It is something magical and unbelievable and something that should be cherished and celebrated, the fact that we have the privilege to watch these African-American athletes be able to share their talents along with people of all different color is what makes Black History Month amazing.