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WDKX.com » Blog » Brain's Games
Jan 18th 2013 11:05 am
Brain's Games

People keep asking me about violent video games and whether or not I think they contribute to people shooting people in real life. I'm going to go with no. I grew up playing games like Doom, Wolfenstien and Diablo and to this day I've never committed an act of violence in my life. I have no desire to shoot a real gun but I do like mowing down the pedestrians in GTA. In high school I had my own network set up in my house where people would come over and we'd shoot each other for hours in Doom 2. Not one of those people grew up to be a killer.

To think of it a different way, I know people who've committed terrible acts of violence and have served time because of it. Most of them have never played a game where you shoot other people. They mostly play Madden. Maybe it's not just video games that teach violence. Maybe it's games in general. In football kids are taught to crush their opponents. In hockey you get a five-minute penalty for a fight that, if it happened in the real world they'd serve jail time for. But now that I think about it, its okay because those kids have to shake hands at the end of the games and that makes everything okay.

That's the key right there, for kids to give virtual high five after each game they play. More high fives=less violence. I should win a Nobel peace for that. Someone should send the committee that hands those things out my idea so I can praised for my solution to violence. at my acceptance speak, heh, I'd run up the isle give out fives to everyone I passed while they chanted my name. I'd get my picture taken with the president, we'd be high fiving of coarse, life would be awesome.

Do they high five in Europe or South/Central America? I'm thinking they don't. That's why there always having riots. Wow, I could change the world. Brain, the savor of mankind.