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WDKX.com » Blog » Great Expectations
Jan 9th 2013 11:33 am
Great Expectations

If you expect the best often you will receive it. The same concept applies if you expect the worst. No matter with yourself, relationships, family, or even financial situations; what you expect is what you will get.

How many times do expect people you know, even family members to disappoint you? How often do you expect the worst outcome of a situation? Often times, I hear people in our community say that things are never going to change. "I'm never going to find a job, because there are no jobs available in this city," or "I am never going to get out of debt, because I don't make enough money." Truth is, you have set up the outcome to be exactly what you expected it to be.

What's concerning is that more and more people allow stereotypes to dictate their results. Take a look at our city schools, why are we not raising the bar by expecting our youth to graduate at a higher rate?! Why are we not expecting young men & women to be successful lawyers and innovators?! Why are we not encouraging them to be creative, so they can think outside the box and become leaders. Not only our youth, but as a community empowering each other, while making our city safe, productive, and a place where we thrive not only survive.

My challenge to you is start today, start with yourself set your expectations a little higher than strive to be great at being you. Keep a positive attitude and always expect the best everyday.