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Aug 23rd 2010 9:00 am by *drea*

Where In The World Is Drea: Trip To Canada Part One  «Full Post»
Nov 18th 2012 6:44 pm by Adri.V

Well If Diddy can change his name I guess everyone else can too. According to twitter Young Dro, Grand hustle artist is looking to pull a Diddy and change his name in attempt to reinvent himself....If your wondering w"o the heck is Young Dro well ch  «Full Post»
Oct 1st 2014 5:43 am by AdriV

Project Name: Seen It All: The Autobiography Artist(s): Jeezy Favorite Tracks: Me Ok, RIP, Beautiful Favorite Lyrics: "I'm from a small hood, but I had big dreams" Next Upcoming Project from Artist: Lil Kim Mixtape 2014 Hardcore, Lil W  «Full Post»
Aug 14th 2013 5:47 pm by Amber Houston

Violence, relationships, race, religion and education. These are the many conversations one can hear while sitting in the barbershop getting a hair cut. These conversations can be heard being echoed on the front porches of houses, on the street corne  «Full Post»
Aug 7th 2013 11:08 am by Amber Houston

The Perron family is about to start a new chapter in their life as they prepare to move into their new home. But as things begin to change, secrets begin to unfold as history repeats itself. A flash back from the 1800's begins to resurface when  «Full Post»
Jul 13th 2013 10:05 pm by Amdre

We have been on air broadcasting the listeners opinions on the verdict For the past two hours with Nikal Fieldz and Justin. You can weigh in via Facebook, Twitter or text 585-678-1039  «Full Post»
May 2nd 2007 12:01 pm by Andre

Monroe County Broadcasting Co., LTD. formed a corporation in 1968 to compete for the available FM frequency 103.9 in Monroe County, Rochester NY. WDKX commenced broadcasting on April 6, 1974 at 5:30 AM and has been broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven  «Full Post»
Jun 14th 2007 9:01 am by Andre

Prince in the UK  «Full Post»
Jun 14th 2007 9:05 am by Andre

T- Pain Number 1 on Billboard  «Full Post»
Jun 25th 2007 2:30 am by Andre

BET Award show 2007  «Full Post»
Jul 14th 2007 11:20 am by Andre

Big Mac's Corner  «Full Post»
Jul 25th 2007 4:09 pm by Andre

Contest Winner - Betty Rivers  «Full Post»
Aug 6th 2007 8:48 am by Andre

Stevie Wonder first tour in 10 years  «Full Post»
50 Bets Career  [Blog]
Aug 12th 2007 9:47 pm by andre

50 Bets Career  «Full Post»
Aug 12th 2007 10:14 pm by andre

Search is on for a Notorious B.I.G  «Full Post»
Nov 20th 2002 11:43 pm by Andre

WDKX 2007 Holiday Project  «Full Post»
Dec 4th 2007 4:57 pm by Andre

Jive Records Statement: Death of "Pimp C"  «Full Post»
Mar 1st 2014 9:31 am by Andre

Pothole repair is an ongoing aspect of the City of Rochesters street maintenance program. Repairs include the patching of potholes, depressions, bumps, and pavement edge defects to city streets. In most instances, other municipal agencies are respons  «Full Post»
Feb 4th 2008 8:12 am by Andre

Lil Wayne in Rochester, New York  «Full Post»
Feb 8th 2008 1:04 pm by Andre

General Contest Guidelines  «Full Post»
Feb 8th 2008 3:14 pm by Andre

Valentine Giveaway  «Full Post»
Feb 12th 2008 7:37 am by Andre

Public Defender Meeting Tuesday 02-12-08  «Full Post»
Apr 3rd 2008 10:53 pm by Andre

After parties Friday April 4, 2008 - Admission Rates and Ages  «Full Post»
Apr 3rd 2008 7:11 am by Andre

After parties Friday April 4, 2008  «Full Post»
Apr 4th 2008 12:29 am by Andre

Why the "no-no's?"  «Full Post»
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