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WDKX.com » Andria
Sep 1st 2014 11:30 am by andria

This video made me sick to my stomach. I personally don't know how one could confuse "4 black men" with 3 children and one woman.... *sips tea* "Police allege they received a call about a motorist speeding down the highway waving a gun.  «Full Post»
Aug 31st 2014 1:10 pm by andria

Spark notes version: It was booty butt cheeks. I've attended MIA for the past two years and have had an AMAZING TIME. The first year in Philly - MIA supported the talent that came from the area. It was nuts! So I expected the same support o  «Full Post»
Aug 28th 2014 12:45 am by andria

Jesus take the wheel!  «Full Post»
Aug 28th 2014 12:39 am by andria

The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook  «Full Post»
Aug 27th 2014 1:27 pm by andria

 «Full Post»
Aug 27th 2014 11:51 am by andria

Just kidding, don't ever do this in public. Ever.  «Full Post»
Aug 26th 2014 1:05 pm by andria

Project Name: A Piece of Strange Artist(s): CunninLynguists Favorite Tracks: "Where will you be?" "Hourglass" & "Remember Me" Favorite Lyrics: "living in a world no different from a cell" (Brain Cell) Next Upcoming Project from Artist: I  «Full Post»
Dec 29th 2011 7:19 pm by andria

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