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WDKX.com » Andria
Dec 16th 2014 11:48 am by andria

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TOM (2013)  [Blog]
Dec 5th 2014 12:27 am by andria

Sensitive language. Confronting your own stereotype. http://www.shikeith.com/  «Full Post»
Nov 29th 2014 11:42 am by andria

This is a new drama that will be streaming on Netflix called 'The Retrieval.' While this seems like a realistic depiction of life for Black people during the Civil War era.. I'm getting a little tired of seeing Black history films/shows cent  «Full Post»
Nov 28th 2014 10:04 am by andria

After an excessively long hiatus, Frank Ocean is back! He released a new track this morning on his Tumblr called 'Memrise.' Check the song out below. Lyrics: I memorized the wayward expressions Never look down Never let you see me down I  «Full Post»
Nov 27th 2014 11:49 pm by andria

I find myself going through old Reggaeton CDs with hopes of giving it a second chance but it still sucks. There's one 'La Revolucion' by Wisin y Yandel seventh studio album, with a sound that is reminiscent of there 2007 album Los Extraterrestres  «Full Post»
Nov 27th 2014 11:46 pm by andria

Dej Loaf is one of my favorite new artists right now. She came out in her own lane and as a female rapper that's hard. Especially with artists such as Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma, Iggy & Lil Kim, it's hard for females to break into the Hip Hop/Rap scene wit  «Full Post»
Nov 27th 2014 11:45 pm by andria

With all this trap music that is being put out it is always nice to hear something different and that what this mixtape offers. D.R.A.M's sound is strange but weirdly addicting. He will have you dancing around the house saying you like to cha cha tho  «Full Post»
Nov 24th 2014 1:33 pm by andria

Project Name: N/A Artist(s): Tink Favorite Tracks: Sounds Good, Treat Me Like Somebody Favorite Lyrics: Somebody real is hard to find Somebody worth all your time Somebody who can tell y  «Full Post»
Nov 24th 2014 1:32 pm by andria

Artist:Jordan Lee Song:The Trap Up & coming Rochester rapper Jordan Lee keeps hip hop creativy alive with a story to his song 'The Trap' referring to the fast life style that a lot of inner city young black males live, he reminds me of a Na  «Full Post»
Nov 24th 2014 1:19 pm by andria

Four days ago, I was ready to rave about Run the Jewels 2; the 2nd album from the Killer Mike (of the dungeon family) El-P collaboration. Not to worry, I'm still going to get into that, but allow me to spend a few moments speaking on Sam Smith. H  «Full Post»
Nov 24th 2014 1:16 pm by andria

Okay, I am absolutely in love with Chris Brown and Trey Songz and the fact that they are going on tour together is so perfect to me. I love the mixtape they put out entitled "TRGA X BRZY". My favorite track off of the mixtape would have to be Tuesday  «Full Post»
Nov 22nd 2014 6:23 am by andria

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Nov 20th 2014 12:43 am by andria

yo, but her curl pattern is everything  «Full Post»
Nov 20th 2014 12:40 am by andria

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Rap Battle  [Blog]
Nov 10th 2014 3:43 am by andria

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Oct 22nd 2014 9:55 pm by andria

i just love hip hop. "where were the white rappers when they moved mike brown, down" yessss david banner  «Full Post»
Oct 22nd 2014 3:08 pm by andria

explain & educate.  «Full Post»
Oct 22nd 2014 2:42 pm by andria

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Oct 21st 2014 1:09 pm by andria

I'm obsessed with this girl! She is everything and more. This video gives me so many lives.  «Full Post»
Oct 20th 2014 12:35 am by andria

#staywoke  «Full Post»
Oct 14th 2014 6:41 pm by andria

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Oct 14th 2014 11:12 am by andria

she needs to have several seats  «Full Post»
Oct 8th 2014 4:59 pm by andria

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Oct 6th 2014 4:59 pm by andria

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Oct 6th 2014 4:57 pm by andria

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