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WDKX.com » Andrea
Feb 9th 2013 11:07 am by andrea

Beenie Man will be in Rochester tonight at the Water Street Music Hall!! Check out some of my favorite Beenie Man songs! Dude: Bringing me back to my middle school days... Rum and Red Bull Hmm Hmm Girls Dem Sugar Romi  «Full Post»
New Prince <3  [Blog]
Feb 7th 2013 8:24 am by andrea

Ahh, why does he keep teasing me? First the release of 'Screwdriver.' Now, 'Breakfast Can Wait.' Please tell me there's an album coming soon! Just between you and I, I believe Prince started a Twitter account under @3rdeyedgirl.  «Full Post»
Jan 31st 2013 10:28 pm by andrea

I guess the power of German engineering turns you Jamaican...  «Full Post»
Jan 31st 2013 10:00 am by andrea

Trailer for the first live action Boondocks movie, starring the one and only, Uncle Ruckus.  «Full Post»
Jan 30th 2013 8:41 pm by andrea

uhhh....  «Full Post»
Jan 27th 2013 7:29 pm by andrea

 «Full Post»
Jan 25th 2013 11:15 am by andrea

"Create something that will make the world awesome" -Kid President  «Full Post»
Jan 21st 2013 12:56 pm by andrea

 «Full Post»
Jan 4th 2013 1:49 pm by andrea

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Dec 7th 2012 5:27 pm by andrea

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Dec 7th 2012 5:24 pm by andrea

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Dec 3rd 2012 10:53 am by andrea

EASTON, Pa. - A prosecutor says two Pennsylvania brothers who were rushed to a hospital in September inadvertently took liquid LSD from a bottle of breath mint drops they found on the ground near their home. Northampton County District Attorney Jo  «Full Post»
Dec 2nd 2012 9:55 pm by andrea

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Dec 2nd 2012 9:44 pm by andrea

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Dec 2nd 2012 9:29 pm by andrea

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Nov 16th 2012 10:36 am by andrea

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Nov 16th 2012 9:43 am by andrea

Memphis the Musical will be at the Auditorium Theater November 27- December 2. WDKX has your chance to win tickets to see Memphis live! Listen to the Wake Up Club for more information!  «Full Post»
Nov 14th 2012 1:20 pm by andrea

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Nov 8th 2012 10:17 am by andrea

**Warning explicit language**  «Full Post»
Dean v Student  [Blog]
Oct 30th 2012 10:36 am by andrea

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Oct 18th 2012 3:04 pm by andrea

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Oct 17th 2012 11:26 am by andrea

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Oct 3rd 2012 6:12 am by andrea

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Sep 26th 2012 12:00 pm by andrea

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Sep 25th 2012 8:31 am by andrea

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