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WDKX.com » Andrea
Feb 22nd 2013 11:30 am by andrea

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Feb 14th 2013 8:00 am by andrea

Don't call your friends with dates and complain about how you don't have one. Do call your friends that don't have dates and complain collectively. You can always use the excuse that Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday, but don't kid yourself.  «Full Post»
Tamagotchi  [Picture]
Feb 11th 2013 10:03 am by andrea

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Feb 11th 2013 10:03 am by andrea

90's kids rejoice, the Tamagotchi has returned! 16 years ago Tamagotchi was the hottest thing for a 6 year old to have. Now Tamagotchi is making its 21st century appearance as an iPhone and Android app. There's no word on the apps exact release  «Full Post»
Feb 9th 2013 11:07 am by andrea

Beenie Man will be in Rochester tonight at the Water Street Music Hall!! Check out some of my favorite Beenie Man songs! Dude: Bringing me back to my middle school days... Rum and Red Bull Hmm Hmm Girls Dem Sugar Romi  «Full Post»
New Prince <3  [Blog]
Feb 7th 2013 8:24 am by andrea

Ahh, why does he keep teasing me? First the release of 'Screwdriver.' Now, 'Breakfast Can Wait.' Please tell me there's an album coming soon! Just between you and I, I believe Prince started a Twitter account under @3rdeyedgirl.  «Full Post»
Jan 31st 2013 10:28 pm by andrea

I guess the power of German engineering turns you Jamaican...  «Full Post»
Jan 31st 2013 10:00 am by andrea

Trailer for the first live action Boondocks movie, starring the one and only, Uncle Ruckus.  «Full Post»
Jan 30th 2013 8:41 pm by andrea

uhhh....  «Full Post»
Jan 27th 2013 7:29 pm by andrea

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Jan 25th 2013 11:15 am by andrea

"Create something that will make the world awesome" -Kid President  «Full Post»
Jan 21st 2013 12:56 pm by andrea

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Jan 4th 2013 1:49 pm by andrea

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Dec 7th 2012 5:27 pm by andrea

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Dec 7th 2012 5:24 pm by andrea

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Dec 3rd 2012 10:53 am by andrea

EASTON, Pa. - A prosecutor says two Pennsylvania brothers who were rushed to a hospital in September inadvertently took liquid LSD from a bottle of breath mint drops they found on the ground near their home. Northampton County District Attorney Jo  «Full Post»
Dec 2nd 2012 9:55 pm by andrea

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Dec 2nd 2012 9:44 pm by andrea

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Dec 2nd 2012 9:29 pm by andrea

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Nov 16th 2012 10:36 am by andrea

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Nov 16th 2012 9:43 am by andrea

Memphis the Musical will be at the Auditorium Theater November 27- December 2. WDKX has your chance to win tickets to see Memphis live! Listen to the Wake Up Club for more information!  «Full Post»
Nov 14th 2012 1:20 pm by andrea

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Nov 8th 2012 10:17 am by andrea

**Warning explicit language**  «Full Post»
Dean v Student  [Blog]
Oct 30th 2012 10:36 am by andrea

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Oct 18th 2012 3:04 pm by andrea

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