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WDKX.com » News
Aug 7th 2014 6:20 am by News

A man found guilty of shooting a pregnant woman last year was sentenced Wednesday. Samuel Smith was sentenced to a total of 23 years in prison. A jury found Smith guilty of attempted murder and assault last month. The shooting happened on Danfort  «Full Post»
Aug 7th 2014 6:08 am by News

Rochester Police are asking for your help to send kids back to school with a much needed school supply. The Police Activities League is holding a computer drive Wednesday. They are collecting computers to refurbish and give to kids whose families  «Full Post»
Aug 7th 2014 6:05 am by News

Raymond Burse, interim president of Kentucky State University, elected to have his salary decreased from $349,869 to $259,745 in order to boost the paychecks of the university's lowest-paid workers, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. Burse'  «Full Post»
Aug 7th 2014 6:03 am by News

(Reuters) - A cybersecurity firm said it has uncovered about 1.2 billion Internet logins and passwords and more than 500 million email addresses amassed by a Russian crime ring, the largest known collection of such stolen data, the New York Times rep  «Full Post»
Aug 6th 2014 8:14 am by News

It used to be that when someone died, a loved one would be put in charge of sorting through their personal documents and photographs -- but now, in the digital age, that part of the grieving process is changing. As one Virginia family found out, l  «Full Post»
Aug 6th 2014 7:52 am by News

NEW YORK - For many career-minded employees, LinkedIn (LNKD) has become an essential tool for getting ahead. But it seems the professional networking service is a less friendly environment for some of its own workers. A U.S. Labor Department inves  «Full Post»
Aug 6th 2014 6:54 am by News

It's truly exhausting to keep up with Beyonce and Jay Z's riches. Their On the Run tour has jogged past the $100 million mark, according to Billboard. All of their 19 shows have hit more than 90% capacity, according to Omar Al-Joulani, the promote  «Full Post»
Aug 6th 2014 6:50 am by News

Edna Lawson died on July 19, and she didn't make it to her funeral. Her body was mixed up with that of another dead woman, who ended up buried in the plot next to the 81-year-old's husband. Her son, Bruce Lawson, knew that the body he identified was  «Full Post»
Aug 6th 2014 6:27 am by News

Crafting an identity essentially out of thin air: It sounds almost make-believe, but as banks and credit card companies scramble to develop safeguards against the forever-advancing means of what experts deem "true identity theft" - the classic hijack  «Full Post»
Aug 6th 2014 6:13 am by News

Word on the street is that Remy Ma and her husband Papoose will be on season 5 of VH1's Love And Hip Hop New York. I don't know how true this is, but my source claims it's happening for sure. I mean what better story line to feature than a female rap  «Full Post»
Aug 6th 2014 6:07 am by News

Lakeisha Jones says she feels "like a victim" after her students at the Myers Middle School in Savannah, Georgia discovered explicit photos in her cell phone and began spreading them across social media," Savannah Now reports. However, instead of bei  «Full Post»
Aug 5th 2014 8:51 am by News

The cultural pressure to stay thin affects many women of all ages; some start watching their weight in adolescence or even younger. But the earlier in life a woman starts dieting, the worse long-term consequences it can have for her health, a new stu  «Full Post»
Aug 5th 2014 7:43 am by News

Changes could be coming to the future of Rochester's Puerto Rican Festival. Another year of problems led to only one arrest Sunday night. Now, the people who plan the festival say they are looking at alternatives to stop the arrests entirely. Inci  «Full Post»
Aug 5th 2014 6:52 am by News

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) -- Syracuse University has claimed the title of nation's top party school. The No. 1 ranking was revealed Monday by The Princeton Review based on a nationwide survey of 130,000 students. Syracuse's student newspaper ranked se  «Full Post»
Aug 5th 2014 6:43 am by News

The principal who found out he was being removed from his job after seeing it posted online has been assigned a new role at Rochester's Marshall campus. According to the high school's website, Armando Ramirez will take over as head of All City High,  «Full Post»
Aug 5th 2014 6:25 am by News

(USA Today) -- The Chinese restaurant chain P.F. Chang's China Bistro was alerted to a possible security breach involving credit and debit card data at some locations. In a statement by P.F. Chang's CEO Rick Federico, it's noted that on June 10th,  «Full Post»
Aug 4th 2014 8:44 am by News

NEW YORK (AP) -- The man who recorded video of a fatal police chokehold in New York City has been arrested on gun charges, police said Sunday. Police said 22-year-old Ramsey Orta was arrested Saturday night on Staten Island, a few blocks from wher  «Full Post»
Aug 4th 2014 8:08 am by News

A group of young people at a jail complex got some words of encouragement on Thursday from hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and actor LL Cool J. The two visited Rikers Island to mark the launch of a national anti-violence program from Simmons' RushCa  «Full Post»
Aug 4th 2014 6:55 am by News

Yesterday, Sarah Lacy wrote a blistering critique of anonymous gossip app, Secret, adding to a growing chorus of criticism of the service and its growing use as a tool for bullies and defamers. As the Economist put it: Once, bullies taunted their  «Full Post»
Aug 4th 2014 6:36 am by News

The General Motors website dedicated to informing the public about GM car recalls, including those related to a deadly ignition switch problem, has been providing incorrect information, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Friday,  «Full Post»
Aug 4th 2014 6:23 am by News

Overzealous or perhaps visually impaired emergency responders broke into a hot car on Thursday to rescue a doll that resembled a real baby in Hoboken, New Jersey. With temperatures soaring to 82 degrees, passersby became alarmed and called 911 say  «Full Post»
Aug 4th 2014 6:03 am by News

So sings Beyonce on the just-released remix of Flawless, which dropped Saturday night and features Nicki Minaj. Queen Bey is, of course, alluding to the infamous surveillance footage that leaked of Jay Z and her sister Solange fighting in a hotel  «Full Post»
Aug 1st 2014 8:23 am by News

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. -- A woman pleaded guilty Thursday to leaving her four-year-old son alone in a parked car for more than two hours while she was inside, at work. Thelma Edwards, 22, of Rochester accepted a plea deal. According to the Ontario Cou  «Full Post»
Aug 1st 2014 8:00 am by News

A 24-year-old single mother in Mt Clemens, Michigan has become America's newest millionaire after turning in her winning $66million lottery ticket. On Thursday, Kelsey Zachow spoke about her win at a press conference, and later posed with her chec  «Full Post»
Aug 1st 2014 7:46 am by News

DENVER -- Accidentally overdosing on marijuana-infused candies, cookies and brownies may get harder under new rules being considered by Colorado. State marijuana enforcers have proposed making it easier for "edibles" buyers to tell exactly how muc  «Full Post»
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