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WDKX.com » News
Oct 9th 2014 6:48 am by News

For Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, every outing turns into a public-relations event. On a recent visit to a soup kitchen, several people who are in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse shared their stories with Williams. "Th  «Full Post»
Oct 9th 2014 6:27 am by News

Nearly half of Americans have cut back on spending, including for travel, food and health care, in order to afford their technology. The CNBC All-America Economic Survey found that 49 percent of the 805 respondents economize to afford technology.  «Full Post»
Oct 9th 2014 6:24 am by News

More than 9 out of 10 American teenagers use social media, and they name Instagram as the most popular site by far, according to the results a new survey by Piper Jaffray, an investment bank and asset management firm. In the survey, analysts exami  «Full Post»
Oct 9th 2014 6:21 am by News

NEW YORK -- An attorney accused of raping a woman will no longer represent the family of a man who died after being placed in a police chokehold. Sanford Rubenstein's partner, Scott Rynecki, told CBS New York Wednesday night that "Sanford Rubenste  «Full Post»
Oct 9th 2014 6:13 am by News

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- An off-duty police officer fatally shot an 18-year-old man who opened fire during a chase in south St. Louis, sparking loud protests in the area, police said Thursday. St. Louis Police Chief Col. Sam Dotson said the 32-year-old o  «Full Post»
Oct 8th 2014 9:48 am by News

AT&T Inc informed about 1,600 customers that an employee gained unauthorized access to their personal data in August, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters, the latest in a flurry of data breaches in recent months. According to a letter p  «Full Post»
Oct 8th 2014 7:34 am by News

Lil Wayne is hoarding Young Money's money ... so claims a music producer who says Wayne & Co. screwed him out of tens of thousands of dollars. Ramon Owen -- aka REO -- claims he produced Lil Wayne's song, "Mirror" for his 2011 album, "Tha Carter I  «Full Post»
Oct 8th 2014 6:53 am by News

One homeowner is resorting to bartering for the latest iPhone as a tactic to sell a beleaguered property in Detroit. The owner has dropped the asking price on a three-bedroom home in east Detroit from $5,000 to a new iPhone 6 as the owner is despe  «Full Post»
Oct 8th 2014 6:47 am by News

A northwest Indiana police department is facing a federal lawsuit after a family claimed an officer used excessive force on them during a dramatic traffic stop captured via cell phone video. Lisa Mahone was driving, along with her boyfriend Jamal  «Full Post»
Oct 7th 2014 8:38 am by News

Geoffrey Holder, a larger-than-life presence in the worlds of movies, stage, TV, art, publishing, music, dance - even advertising - died of pneumonia Sunday, The New York Times reports. He was 84 and a resident at the Lillian Booth Actors Home of The  «Full Post»
Oct 7th 2014 7:42 am by News

JPMorgan Chase is refusing to say how many individuals had their personal information stolen by hackers in the recent massive security breach. But that information is critical in understanding the potential consequences of the hack. The bank, the  «Full Post»
Oct 7th 2014 7:33 am by News

Some 90% of women in restaurant jobs that depend on tips report being bothered at work by some form of sexual harassment, according to a scathing report on the restaurant industry due out Tuesday. It is particularly a problem, the report says, for  «Full Post»
Oct 7th 2014 7:27 am by News

Walt Disney's (DIS) ESPN sports cable channel and ABC broadcast network along with Time Warner's (TWX) TNT network today signed a renewal of their contract with the National Basketball Association said to be at a new value of about $24 billion. The d  «Full Post»
Oct 7th 2014 7:02 am by News

A new study by researchers at the University of Indiana found that Facebook users in relationships frequently use the site to keep in touch with "back-burners" -- exes or platonic friends they know they could connect with romantically, should their c  «Full Post»
Oct 7th 2014 6:30 am by News

Pam Aister, a 25-year teaching veteran, was booted from her classroom at Four Peaks Elementary School near Phoenix after administrators said she was too harsh on a group of boys who'd been picking on 9-year-old Malachi Gillis. The Gillises told lo  «Full Post»
Oct 6th 2014 9:58 am by News

Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian Ebola victim hospitalized in Dallas, is "fighting for his life," a top US health official said Sunday. Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health told Fox News Sunday that everyone who had contact with  «Full Post»
Oct 6th 2014 9:12 am by News

Investing in a college degree should carry the often-cited disclosure: "past performance is not indicative of future returns." With rising tuition prices and a sluggish labor market, a college education is no longer an automatic windfall to a better  «Full Post»
Oct 6th 2014 7:49 am by News

You finally landed a great job. Whether you were a new graduate, or among the long-term unemployed or under-employed, you put yourself out there and made it happen. But let's say that you flipped a few stones on the job market that were best left unt  «Full Post»
Oct 6th 2014 7:16 am by News

Prison time is HARD TIME any way you look at it. But it's hardest of all when the prisoner is serving a sentence that allows no flexibility at all, no matter what the circumstances. Our Cover Story is reported by Erin Moriarty of "48 Hours": "We h  «Full Post»
Oct 6th 2014 6:42 am by News

CVS has agreed to pay a $225,000 penalty for mislabeling store-brand beauty products. The health and retail giant settled allegations by four California counties and the state's Department of Agriculture that the labeling of 11 different hair and  «Full Post»
Oct 6th 2014 6:33 am by News

Michael Phelps will seek treatment after being arrested for drunk driving, he announced via Twitter on Sunday. The 29-year-old Olympic champ was arrested on Tuesday on a DUI charge. He was also charged with speeding and crossing double-lane lines.  «Full Post»
Oct 6th 2014 6:12 am by News

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer says federal airport agents should take the temperatures of passengers arriving from West Africa to prevent Ebola from spreading in the U.S. The New York Democrat said Sunday that the Centers for Disease Control and Pr  «Full Post»
Oct 3rd 2014 7:40 am by News

When you're extremely happy and in love, it's rather tempting to tell the entire world (including all of your Facebook friends) about how wonderful your partner is. But a recent study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found  «Full Post»
Oct 3rd 2014 6:41 am by News

Deaths from heroin overdoses doubled from 2010 to 2012, U.S. federal health officials reported Thursday. The new report included data from 28 states that account for 56 percent of the U.S. population. This big increase in heroin-related deaths  «Full Post»
Oct 3rd 2014 6:37 am by News

A cyber attack at America's biggest bank this summer affected more than half of all U.S. households -- far, far more than previously estimated, and the latest in a string of massive, unnerving data breaches. The attack at JPMorgan Chase affected t  «Full Post»
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