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WDKX.com » News
Feb 23rd 2015 6:16 am by News

A retired police officer apparently shot his two teenage daughters to death and then killed himself in the family's suburban Westchester County home, a police official said Sunday. Harrison Police Chief Anthony Marraccini said the deaths of 52-yea  «Full Post»
Feb 23rd 2015 5:57 am by News

The upstate high-schooler responsible for the laser cat Internet sensation committed suicide on Thursday, his parents said. Draven Rodriguez -- and his far-out cat Mr. Bigglesworth -- became national news after he tried to include the plucky puss  «Full Post»
Feb 23rd 2015 5:46 am by News

Listen up, ladies. If you want to figure out if your date is a nice guy or a jerk, take a look at his hands. A strange new study suggests that the shorter a guy's index finger is compared to his ring finger, the more likely he is to be nice to wom  «Full Post»
Feb 20th 2015 8:57 am by News

Rapper Iggy Azalea has decided to take a break from using social media after seeing some "shocking" comments about her body online. Since claiming she would be quitting social media last night, it looks like the rapper has done just that. An hour  «Full Post»
Feb 20th 2015 8:55 am by News

Convicted of extortion and illegal gambling, Savannah's former police chief will continue to collect a pension worth nearly $130,000 a year while he serves 7 1/2 years in federal prison. That comes to more than $970,000 before taxes. Some City  «Full Post»
Feb 20th 2015 8:09 am by News

LOS ANGELES -- The Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers are planning a shared stadium in the Los Angeles area if both teams fail to get new stadium deals in their current hometowns. The teams announced plans for the $1.7 billion stadium in Carso  «Full Post»
Feb 20th 2015 7:58 am by News

New details on your safety in Rochester were released in a crime report from the city's police chief and mayor. The report showed for 2014, the homicide rate dropped 19 percent and the total violent crimes fell 17 percent -- its lowest level in te  «Full Post»
Feb 20th 2015 5:58 am by News

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Police made an arrest Thursday in the mysterious road-rage killing of a Las Vegas mother, apprehending a teenage neighbor who had a history with the family before the shootout. Erich Nowsch, 19, was arrested on suspicion of murde  «Full Post»
Feb 20th 2015 5:55 am by News

The City of Rochester announced new streets to be impacted Friday as snow removal teams work to clear local roads. A first round of closures began on Thursday at noon, and will last until Friday at noon. Parking will be banned on these streets  «Full Post»
Feb 19th 2015 6:47 am by News

Jerry Rice Isn't the only one in his family with some serious talent -- his daughter is a neo-soul singer ... and the girl's got pipes. Her name is Jaqui Rice ... aka Qui ... and she just dropped a new music video for her song, "Everything Is Ro  «Full Post»
Feb 19th 2015 6:29 am by News

Rochester, NY - Seven people in Rochester are facing sex trafficking charges. The following people were arrested after a nine month long investigation: Stephen Jones, 27 Kasandra Weeks, 22 Leeosha Allen, 21 Martin Pullin, 23 Thaddeus Grice, 3  «Full Post»
Feb 18th 2015 8:44 am by News

Rochester, NY - (WROC) Mayor Lovely Warren told a crowd of concerned citizens that bad mini-marts have to go but they won't go overnight. "We as elected officials can't necessarily influence them but we can make the rules and the regulations t  «Full Post»
Feb 18th 2015 8:42 am by News

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration has beaten its own projections for Obamacare enrollments, which exceeded 11 million through Sunday's deadline for most U.S. residents to choose a health insurance plan, the White House announced Tuesday. In a  «Full Post»
Feb 18th 2015 8:01 am by News

LAS VEGAS -- A Las Vegas mother of four killed in a road rage shooting last week got in her car with her adult son and his gun and drove around their neighborhood looking for the assailant who ended up shooting her in a residential cul-de-sac, police  «Full Post»
Feb 18th 2015 7:54 am by News

BOSTON - For Boston commuters, nearly 1.5 million of them, this is the new normal -- crammed onto crowded shuttle buses as their trains remain entombed in snow. Janet McAuliffe's commute of 20 minutes took more than four hours. "They need to do so  «Full Post»
Feb 18th 2015 7:32 am by News

Geraldo Rivera doesn't exactly seem like a pre-eminent authority on rap culture, but he has some very interesting thoughts about hip-hop, which he shared with HuffPost Live on Tuesday. During a conversation about his stint on "The Celebrity Appren  «Full Post»
Feb 18th 2015 5:58 am by News

In Woodstock, Georgia, potential users of Craigslist and other online classified services are being asked to take their business deals to the local police precinct lobby. "Typically a bad guy doesn't want to transact bad business in a police depar  «Full Post»
Feb 17th 2015 8:35 am by News

Scientists have discovered a highly aggressive new strain of HIV in Cuba that develops into full-blown AIDS three times faster than more common strains of the virus. This finding could have serious public health implications for efforts to contain an  «Full Post»
Feb 17th 2015 8:00 am by News

The songs may have been written by Stevie Wonder, but the moment belonged to Beyonce as she performed an impressive melody from the funk legend's songbook along with Gary Clark Jr. during a tribute concert that aired on Monday. The performance was  «Full Post»
Feb 17th 2015 7:42 am by News

LOS ANGELES -- The headlines over the weekend were tantalizing: "Apple to build iCar." This would perhaps be an electric state of the art vehicle that could bring a new kind of functionality to the nearly 100-year-old consumer product. But what  «Full Post»
Feb 17th 2015 6:31 am by News

AUSTIN, Texas -- An arbitration panel ordered Lance Armstrong and Tailwind Sports Corp. to pay $10 million in a fraud dispute with a promotions company for what it called an "unparalleled pageant of international perjury, fraud and conspiracy" that c  «Full Post»
Feb 17th 2015 6:22 am by News

CORBIN, Ky. -- Friends and relatives of a 16-year-old boy killed in a shootout with police in Maryland struggled to understand how the faithful churchgoer and high school ROTC student could end up as the suspect in the slaying of his parents and youn  «Full Post»
Feb 16th 2015 7:56 am by News

It's like a living will -- but for Facebook. The social media site announced a new life-after-death feature Thursday -- the "Legacy Contact," which allows people to assign a family member or friend to manage their page "if something happens." "Un  «Full Post»
Feb 16th 2015 7:22 am by News

Sen. Charles Schumer says the Federal Aviation Administration's proposed rules for small drones are a good first step, but he'd like to see expanded commercial uses and tighter privacy and safety rules. The long-anticipated rules proposed Sunday w  «Full Post»
Feb 16th 2015 6:45 am by News

We're waiting to see how a deal to save the Ginna Nuclear Power Plant could impact you. Late Friday afternoon, RG&E and Exelon submitted a deal to regulators to keep the Wayne County power plant running. Details of the proposal have not been relea  «Full Post»
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