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WDKX.com » Freddy
Dec 14th 2010 2:36 pm by Freddy

Closings and Cancellations  «Full Post»
Sep 1st 2010 2:06 pm by Freddy

5 Things To Know About Nicki Minaj  «Full Post»
Sep 1st 2010 2:00 pm by Freddy

Air Quality Advisory for NY State  «Full Post»
Sep 1st 2010 1:57 pm by Freddy

Rochester's Public Market Wins Contest  «Full Post»
Keep Cool  [Blog]
Aug 30th 2010 2:21 pm by Freddy

Keep Cool  «Full Post»
Closings  [Blog]
Dec 19th 2008 2:56 pm by Freddy

Closings  «Full Post»
Oct 6th 2008 11:29 am by Freddy

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration  «Full Post»
Nov 15th 2007 2:08 pm by Freddy

FREE Thanksgiving Dinner 11-17-07  «Full Post»
Oct 2nd 2007 2:11 pm by Freddy

Join Que This Thursday 10-4-07  «Full Post»
Oct 2nd 2007 11:44 am by Freddy

Candlelight Vigil  «Full Post»
Oct 1st 2007 3:00 pm by Freddy

Rihanna @ R.I.T.  «Full Post»
Musicology 101  [Blog]
Sep 21st 2007 12:42 pm by Freddy

Musicology 101  «Full Post»
Aug 22nd 2007 2:14 pm by Freddy

Vote For Rochesters Own  «Full Post»
May 24th 2007 12:07 am by Freddy

Freddy Colon 05-2007  «Full Post»
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