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WDKX.com » Andrea
Apr 3rd 2013 7:06 pm by andrea

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Apr 3rd 2013 7:14 am by andrea

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Mar 31st 2013 9:34 am by andrea

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Mar 22nd 2013 1:29 pm by andrea

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Truu  [Picture]
Mar 22nd 2013 9:02 am by andrea

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Mar 22nd 2013 8:58 am by andrea

Creative Nation NY Presents 2 Chainz at The Main Street Armory Rochester NY from takem2church on Vimeo.  «Full Post»
Jerry's Bracket  [Picture]
Mar 22nd 2013 12:56 am by andrea

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Miley  [Picture]
Mar 22nd 2013 12:30 am by andrea

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Mar 20th 2013 10:50 pm by andrea

Creative condom commercial. Non sexual. Funny. & Still delivers a message.  «Full Post»
The Face  [Blog]
Mar 20th 2013 10:11 pm by andrea

Do you ever watch "The Face" with Naomi Campbell? I tuned in for the first time last night and Naomi had me rolling!! Look what she said to this chick: "Check your lipstick before you come and talk to me" I can't handle her. She'  «Full Post»
Mar 20th 2013 9:39 pm by andrea

I can't handle all the good looking people in this video! I'm dying. Pharrell. Robin. & TI. Stahhhhhp, I'm dead. Good gravy, this video's got me all hot and bothered. Watching on repeat. Robin Thicke ft Pharrell & TI- Blurred Lines  «Full Post»
Mar 20th 2013 9:15 pm by andrea

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Mar 20th 2013 2:21 pm by andrea

What ever happened to style? What ever happened to being "dressed to impress?" I want to see young men dressed like gentlemen! I want to be able say, "Well, damn. Doesn't he look dapper?" STEP. YOUR. GAME. UP! I just don't understand why you're in  «Full Post»
Robin  [Picture]
Mar 20th 2013 12:53 am by andrea

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Brandon R  [Picture]
Mar 20th 2013 12:44 am by andrea

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Vernon H  [Picture]
Mar 20th 2013 12:42 am by andrea

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Kori M.  [Picture]
Mar 20th 2013 12:26 am by andrea

Kori M. Student, 23 "I think my style is somewhere between classic American and streetwear but I prefer European cuts. I guess I just try to be fun and youthful but mature and timeless at the same time."  «Full Post»
Come Correct!  [Picture]
Mar 20th 2013 12:10 am by andrea

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Mar 19th 2013 8:33 pm by andrea

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Snoop Dogg   [Picture]
Mar 6th 2013 7:18 am by andrea

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Mar 4th 2013 11:03 pm by andrea

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Feb 28th 2013 8:37 pm by andrea

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Feb 28th 2013 8:06 pm by andrea

You're welcome Elvis.  «Full Post»
Feb 24th 2013 10:01 pm by andrea

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Feb 23rd 2013 11:47 am by andrea

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