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WDKX.com » Andrea
Jul 22nd 2013 11:15 pm by andrea

The video for "Black Skinhead" (retitled "BLKKK SKKKN HEAD")has officially been released. If you go to kanyewest.com you can view the video now. It is completely interactive, allowing the viewer to take screenshots and control the sound and compositi  «Full Post»
BLKKK  [Picture]
Jul 22nd 2013 12:11 am by andrea

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Jul 19th 2013 10:42 am by andrea

I know we complain about how cold it is in Rochester, but damn this heat is too much for me. I can't breathe, I can't sleep, I don't wanna eat.. this is just terrible. And what makes it worse is that my AC doesn't work! My friend told me to take a ho  «Full Post»
Jun 6th 2013 10:49 am by andrea

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Jun 3rd 2013 8:44 am by andrea

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Jun 1st 2013 1:33 pm by andrea

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May 20th 2013 2:32 am by andrea

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Q.U.E.E.N.  [Blog]
May 14th 2013 10:48 pm by andrea

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May 9th 2013 8:55 am by andrea

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Apr 29th 2013 9:27 am by andrea

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Apr 28th 2013 11:02 pm by andrea

Video: UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen  «Full Post»
Apr 23rd 2013 8:15 pm by andrea

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Apr 23rd 2013 7:48 pm by andrea

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Apr 23rd 2013 4:49 pm by andrea

I love to watch these two dance. They are two of the best tap dancers I have ever seen. I was introduced to the Nicholas Brothers about 10 years ago while watching TMC. The movie was called 'Stormy Weather' starring Lena Horne, if you haven't see  «Full Post»
Apr 22nd 2013 11:01 pm by andrea

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Tha Gift  [Blog]
Apr 20th 2013 10:08 am by andrea

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Apr 19th 2013 10:19 pm by andrea

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Apr 16th 2013 10:08 pm by andrea

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Apr 16th 2013 4:27 pm by andrea

yaaasss  «Full Post»
Apr 12th 2013 8:10 am by andrea

Good morning to all, I am writing to ask for help with my son. He is a seven year old, second grader, that attends a Rochester City School. Let me start by saying he is a very intelligent young man with hopes of one day becoming a scientist doin  «Full Post»
Natural  [Picture]
Apr 9th 2013 9:38 pm by andrea

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natural  [Picture]
Apr 9th 2013 9:38 pm by andrea

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Apr 9th 2013 9:31 pm by andrea

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Apr 9th 2013 12:38 am by andrea

...on Instagram Straight Flexin'  «Full Post»
Apr 9th 2013 12:36 am by andrea

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